Amazon Rainforest Cruises


The Amazon, and its many major tributaries, flows through Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Despite the majority of the mighty Amazon’s 6,400 km being found within Brazil, some of the best options for Amazon river cruising are found in Peru and Ecuador.

Notwithstanding their remote Amazon locations there are several luxury Amazon River cruise ships. They offer a excellent guides, gourmet cuisine and very comfortable accommodation. Ships like the Delfin I, II & III, Aqua Nera, MV Aria & MV Anakonda. Or the new to market in 2020 the Aqua Nera a beautiful new-build 20 cabin luxury boat.

These small expedition ships really are floating wilderness lodges from which you explore the Amazon and several of its major tributaries. Smaller ‘skiffs’ (dinghies) are often used either to go ashore or to explore smaller channels in search of the rich and varied wildlife of the Amazon.

Depending on water levels, most operators offer a high water and low water itinerary, you ‘ll not only make excursion by boat you’ll also take walks in the rainforest and visit canopy towers: offering access into the canopy of the rainforest where you’ll often observe monkeys and some of the amazon’s most spectacular birdlife.

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