Antarctic Peninsula Cruises


Setting foot on the Antarctic Peninsula is a bucket list item for many but no one can really prepare themselves for this incredible experience. Enormous tabular icebergs that dwarf the ship will take your breath away. Close encounters with inquisitive penguins, playful seals and breaching whales, create a wildlife experience like no other. Pristine landscapes with crystal clear water and glacier rimmed peaks create a stunning backdrop for any photographer.

One of your toughest decisions will be which voyage to choose? Our advice is to seriously consider if your time and budget will stretch to a longer voyage; one that heads south the Antarctic Circle or perhaps one that also includes South Georgia. This beautiful island is often described as the most incredible wildlife show on earth as it is the breeding ground for King Penguins, seals and sea lions and home to the wandering albatross.

Making the choice as to which voyage, when, which ship or operator is where we help; unlike ship owners/operators we’re not obliged to sell the ships we own/operate – we offer independent expert advice and can match the best experience for you.

To help you understand the options, and there a many, we have a specialist and dedicated Antarctic Luxury & Expedition Cruises web site featuring (Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Ross Sea and New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands).  Click here and you’ll be taken to this site.

The other option is to call us 1300 784 794 and we will share our first hand knowledge (we have been fortunate to visit Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia on several different ships) and suggest ships and itineraries we think will best suit your interests, style and budget.